Hello, Old Sport...


You cannot build anything without first having a community of people you trust and love to create it with.


Trying one concept at a time is silly. I had a lot of people tell me along the way to focus on just one thing. To me, that is the beginning of the end. I thrive on multiple concepts being squashed and created daily.


Once you have your community and the incubation/lab mindset, let them play. Build the playground -- you shouldn't have to tell anyone how to play on it, as that principal is the foundational tree trunk for all the limbs that will grow off of it.


I spoke my way out.

I spent a lot of my early life dribbling a basketball and gaming the systems in front of me. From not going to school, to cheating on exams, to creating magical narratives and universes -- it was all pretty simple to me to find a workaround for things I didn't value. My goal was not disrespect; I wanted a more creative learning environment.


I have been lucky enough to be and have been an educator, government leader, policy setter, in-real-life influencer, founder, CEO, investor, fundraiser, non-profit leader, blockchain pioneer, crypto bro, tech futurist, and most importantly a community builder and believer.

Nothing is real...everything is real

This is the home of everything I will continue to build, invest, and believe in. Whether or not it becomes a reality...dunno...but I rather light up the morning and night sky trying.

New York or Nowhere...